11 June 2008

Wolaver's Wit Bier (VT)

"White beer with orange peel & coriander," it says on the front label. None of Wolaver's other beers feature a similar description, so apparently they concluded many of their target customers wouldn't know what a wit bier is. They may be right.

This is a fairly weak example of the style. The color is very pale, there isn't much aroma (some orange) or taste (again orange, plus some spice and wheat beer twang). The body is light too, with zippy carbonation. The finish is very dry.

This is sold a summer seasonal, and I wouldn't refuse one on a steamy afternoon. But to me, it stands aside a lot of other too light American wheats, such as Widmer Hefeweizen and Wagner Valley Grace House Wheat. Meh.

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