10 April 2008

Wagner Valley Grace House Honey Wheat (NY)

There aren't to many American beers below 4% ABV, but this is one of them. Brewed with "locally crafted honey" from whatever bees are still alive, this wheat ale pours slightly hazy golden with a small head. It smells slightly of honey but also of pale lager. Or is that adjuncts? Like others from the brewery, it's highly carbonated, but that's better for this style than it is for their stout. If you can get past the fizz, you'll find a light-bodied brew with honey and the occasional hop. It is crisp and refreshing, which is the least you could want.

Nothing all that great, or even all that good. It reminds me a little of Blue Moon Honey Moon Ale, but I haven't had that since last year, so I could be misremembering. If you want to try this, save it for a sweltering day.

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