23 April 2008

BrewDog and the Internet

Scotland's Daily Record has an article about BrewDog and their reliance on the internet beer community. After initially failing to generate any interest in Scotland, they turned their attention online

Thankfully, the pair [the brewery co-owners] had access to thousands of more appreciative beer drinkers on the internet.

After selling no beer at all for four months, the two pals decided to focus on the export market and began sending samples out to "beer bloggers" around the world.

In a matter of weeks, BrewDog was the hottest name on the lips of those in the know in the world of beer and, before the duo knew where they were, they were being lauded by fans and connoisseurs around the world.

Nice story, but beer blogger triumphalism must be tempered by the fact they put "beer bloggers" in quotation marks.

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