27 June 2008

University Battles Sports Bar

Scranton University is giving a hard time to a guy who wants to expand his nearby sports bar. Apparently, the school went to court to try to prevent "Goodfellas" from opening in 2005, and is now fighting its expansion.

I'm not unsympathetic to attempts to limit college drinking. After all, that is where most Americans develop irresponsible drinking habits. And if there were a zoning ordinance to force the owner to give his bar a less clichéd name, I'd be all for it. But of the 4,000 students at Scranton U., there must be, what, 1,000+ who are of legal age? Plus, it's not like college kids are the only people around.

Hashem [the bar's owner] said the school is being hypocritical because it serves alcohol at on-campus events.

Goodfellas has an elaborate security system to keep out underage drinkers, trains employees in responsible alcohol service, and offers free food to patrons who appear to have overindulged, said Hashem, who figures his battle with the university will end up costing him around $650,000.

$650,000! Given the controversy, I bet the place will do a great job keeping underage kids out, but that doesn't even seem to be the issue.

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The responsible sales and service of alcohol beverages is an important part of any food and beverage operation.