05 June 2008

Beer Blogger for the Examiner

Last week, I mentioned that the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle was looking for a beer writer. Meanwhile in Denver, the Examiner has recently hired Chipper Dave of Fermantally Challenged as their beer writer for Northern Colorado. You can read him here.

These aren't the same things, of course. The Examiner doesn't have a print edition. Instead, they bring in bloggers to write on various subjects. Payment is, I believe, strictly on a pay-per-page-view basis. (See here for a discussion; the Examiner is specifcally mentioned about half way down.)


Chipper Dave said...

Thanks for the shout out. I'm doing the examiner gig for a few reasons: 1) it keeps me focused on a subject I love, 2) it can help get me some additional exposure and 3) it may just lead to other opportunities later on.

The money is not that great as your work must generate a certain amount of traffic before they will compensate you. I certainly won't quit my day job to do this full time, but at the same time it's an interesting business model. I've already have developed several valuable contacts through this in my first week.

And yes, the examiner is still looking to sign on a lot more players for niches in certain communities and topic area. There are a growing number of cities that the Examiner is going to cover. So perhaps other beer bloggers in other cities can sign on as well.

Buttle said...

This sort of thing sounds good from the standpoint of beer because, let's face it, there aren't a ton of beer writer jobs out there. So this isn't really a "downsizing" issue, where old newspaper jobs are being replaced by cheap internet labor.

Maybe the Examiner gives you some "status" so you can gain access to people, places, etc. who would otherwise ignore an amateur blogger. Good luck with it.