05 June 2008

Barons Black Wattle Superior (AUS)

We don't get much Australian beer around these parts. There's Foster's of course, and my beer shop carries the Cooper's line. Barons runs between the two in price ($9-10 a six-pack). I think this has been available in the US for only about a year now. No bottle date on mine (the label says "Best Before: See Bottle," but I can't find anything on the bottle).

I've never tried wattle seeds before, but googling tells me they bring tastes of coffee, chocolate and hazelnuts. Some of that comes through in this clear, dark amber ale. Barons' brew is more malt than hops, more sweet than bitter. It comes across a bit as a roasty brown ale with something extra: molasses or buckwheat honey, maybe some black licorice. It's unusual and distinctive, but not unpleasant. "A truly robust yet provocative ale," says the neck label, but I wouldn't say robust. Rather, it's a fairly easy drinker, smooth, the body on the lighter side of medium, and an ABV (at 5.8%) that doesn't get in the way. This is a sessions beer, although I wonder whether the strange taste would get to me after a couple.

You might not love it, but you probably won't hate it. Worth a try.

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Wise Owl said...

I wouldn't refuse to taste the beer.