19 June 2008

New Look from JW Dundee's

JW Dundee's -- now apparently just known as Dundee -- has a new bottle design. I'd be surprised if there are many American beer drinkers who haven't had their Honey Brown Lager. High Falls Brewing, makers of Genesee, is trying to position Dundee as something akin to Saranac. Not a top notch craft beer, but something to appeal to the in-between crowd. Will the new bottle do the trick?


Anonymous said...

Hey, i don't know if you have had the chance to even try any of the Shmaltz beers. They brew a kosher beer called He'Brew with several variants. They are also doing a big marketing push for their new line of Coney Island themed beers like Coney Island lager. They are small, independent, and seem like something you might want to try

Buttle said...

Thanks for the recommendation. I've been meaning to try them. The whole packaging is pretty funny ("Monumental Jewbelation"). I know I can buy at least some of their beers locally.