15 February 2008

Adnams Broadside (ENG)

For me, this is the bottled version of this ale from seaside Southwold in Suffolk. The pub version is apparently quite different and comes in at under 5%. The bottled is over 6%. If you can't replicate real ale in bottles, then I suppose it makes sense to re-work the beer a bit.

Broadside turns out to be a complex strong ale. I have a hard time nailing down all that's going on. It reminds me vaguely of Cooperstown Pride of Milford, which I reviewed recently, but that of course gets the influence backwards.

Broadside has a hazy, auburn color and a rich, creamy mouth feel with soft fizz. The flavor is partly malty sweetness (cherries? raisins?), partly hop bite (but not too bitter), and partly buttery (but not of diacetyl excess). Warming seems to bring out citrus notes. This is definitely one to be savored and not gulped, which is good given the price ($12+ for a 4-pack).

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