25 February 2008

Allagash Dubbel Ale (ME)

Speaking of Maine...

Allagash Dubbel -- "Dubbel Ale" in the squat 12-ounce bottle, "Dubbel Reserve" in the bomber, but the website lumps them together -- is a "unique beer with a complex malty taste and a remarkably clean finish," according to the brewer. Hazy, dark brown to amber colored with a fluffy white head, and you can't ask for better lacing. It's a really smooth beer, medium bodied with ample carbonation, but of the really soft kind.

It's malty, of course, but I ultimately think this is a bit on the dry side for the style. There's some raisins and definitely some anise/licorice. It's unfiltered, and the yeast comes through on the tongue. The finish is clean, just as promised. The brewery website says you can age this and it will pick up port or sherry-like aspects. I'm holding one back from the 4-pack, but I'll probably end up drinking it in a month or two.

Eight bucks for a 4-pack of is pretty good compared to Belgian imports, but it's more than I pay for Ommegang's eponymous ale, which I think is richer (but I'm comparing from memory). Still, this is very good.

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