25 February 2008

IPA Tournament

Brewing News is running a March Madness style tournament of India Pale Ales, and you can see the bracket here. Lord knows it can't be any less interesting than the NCAA hoops tournament (sorry, but I'm just not a fan any more).

From a New York perspective, it looks like Ithaca Flower Power has a really tough first run matchup against Dogfish Head 60-Minute. Southern Tier IPA has a more favorable bracket, going up against upstate's Lake Placid IPA. They're both in the same bracket as Custom Brewcrafters Monty's Fat Head, a local beer (to me) that isn't even bottled. My local newspaper's intermittent beer column mentions that CB is hand-bottling the beer for the tournament (normally, it's sold at a pub named Monty's Krown).

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