27 February 2008

Beer and Mead Blogging

First, another beer blog has emerged, Sonnett's Beer Blog from Cincinnati, underscored by the current review (as of the time I write this) of Cincy's own Christian Moerlein's Over-the-Rhine Ale. It doesn't look like I should regret not having access to this particular brew, but I'm sure they make other good stuff. Anyway, check out his site.

Meanwhile, Slate has a piece on the increasing "popularity" of mead. The author isn't sold on it:

Honey has little natural acidity. That may sound appealing, but acidity —the spine of a good wine — is what keeps flavors bright and focused, and what marries wine with food. Mead-makers recognize this flaw, so to give it an acidic boost,they add citric acid. That helps, but it's not enough. Most meads still sit somewhat awkwardly alongside dinner. Unlike the best beer and wine pairings, they neither sharply highlight foods nor blend with them into something equally interesting.
New York's Ramapo Valley brewery makes a honey beer that is bascially a mead. It's also interesting to know that there's mead blogging going on out there, although the one mentioned by Slate seems not to have posted in a while.


matt said...

My buddies over at http://yourliverhatesyou.blogspot.com/ didn't care for oever the Rhine either. But I think they hate everything that isn't Keystone haha.

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