05 January 2008

Cooperstown Pride of Milford Ale (NY)

In contrast to Ommegang's fish-out-of-water Belgianity, Cooperstown Brewing Company embraces their town's baseball heritage with offerings such as Strike Out Stout and Benchwarmer Porter. In fact, the brewery is located in nearby Milford, NY, from which this "Special Ale" gets its name.

Cooperstown uses Ringwood yeast, and the first sniff reveals the telltale buttery aroma. The butter doesn't overwhelm the beer, but is something to keep in mind if you have an aversion to it. A lot of people talk about Pride of Milford being fruity, but I don't detect too much of that either. It is definitely malty -- biscuity, I think -- with hops only used to keep it from getting carried away. The nearly 8% alcohol is noticeable, giving it a sherry-like undertone. The body isn't all that heavy, though, and it has a somewhat sparkly carbonation. If everything else makes it a winter beer, the mouthfeel could actually suit a summer brew.

This is kind of an unusual beer. I like it, and give it points for being interesting.

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