14 March 2009

Schneider Aventinus (GER)

This beer's a classic I've never tried before, and I assume it is going to be my last doppelbock until fall. "Germany's Original Wheat Doppelbock" it claims, and it's brewed with an ale yeast and not a lager yeast. A big, dark wheat beer rather than a big, dark lager.

My overall reaction is that I'm surprised at how light Aventinus is. Well, not exactly light, but it isn't weighty despite the 8.2% ABV. It's medium brown in color with a massive head, and not so far removed from a hefeweizen that you can't smell banana. On the tongue that doesn't really come through, but there's some tartness, spice, raisins, and cocoa powder. It's pretty deep, yet still almost refreshing. I prefer my doppelbocks to be more like this -- not syrupy or alcoholic or soy saucy -- and thus this moves to the top of my list of favorites. The rating sites show nearly universal love, but also a high number or ratings, so I'm probably not telling you anything you don't know already.


Jeff said...

I tried Yuengling's bock yesterday at The Boulevard. Seems to be new from the brewery, and I have never seen it before. Cool tap (old-style Yuengling tap), and good beer! Very middle-of-the-road, as you might suspect, but it had the attributes of bock I like without the thickness and overly sweet taste that makes it such a sipping beer. If you haven't already, you should try it.

Buttle said...

I've never heard of that; I guess it is new, or limited release, or both. Lots of Yuengling around, but I'll have to look for the bock.