25 October 2007

Clipper City Hang Ten Weizen Doppelbock (MD)

Clipper City was founded by Hugh Sisson, who originally had to fight to loosen up Maryland's strict brewing laws just to get started. A four-pack of this seasonal cost me $9, a bit pricey for a domestic brew. I tried my first one about a month and a half ago and didn't like it much. My notes say it reminded me of a marinade for Asian beef stir fry (soy sauce? sherry?).

Whether it's mellowing of the beer (it's 10% ABV!), cooler weather, or a maturing palate on my part, I'm not as down on it as I was before. This pours a very cloudy dark brown with just a tinge of red. It's pretty full-bodied with unobtrusive carbonation. In terms of taste, there's a lot going on with this malt bomb. It's slightly sweet, but also a bit tart. The alcohol isn't really hidden, and maybe it should have been lower. I peaked at someone else's review that said it had a wine-like tannin character, and I can see that. There's also a bit of licorice. Possibly there's a bit too much going on here.

Ultimately, I think I found Hang Ten to be more interesting than good. But who knows? Maybe over time I'll come to love it. This sipper definitely isn't dull.

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