20 October 2007

Paulaner Salvator (GER)

This is the original of the "-ator" doppelbock lagers. The Pauline monks brewed and drank this as an end-run around rules about Lenten fasting, and if that was okay with God, it's okay with me. Anyway, I paid nearly three bucks for one 500 ml bottle.

This is a gorgeous red-tinged, crystal clear with a decent off-white head. I also really like the body of this, rich with small bubble carbonation. Of course, this tastes malty. Caramel sweetness and perhaps some molasses, but it's cut by a fair amount of hops. At the end, it brings a pretty good shot of booze. It's not shy about is 7.9% ABV.

This is a big and tasty beer, worthy of its reputation. Whether it's the pinnacle of German Doppelbocks, I can't say.


Stonch said...

Hi there - just noticed you aren't on my own list of beer blog links. Just put that right. Keep up the good work. Cheers!

PS. I'm off to Prague in the Czech Republic tomorrow and will be visiting all the of the city's breweries (hopefully!) and lots of pubs. I'll be reviewing each place via mobile blog posts in real time, so check it out. Cheers

Buttle said...

Thanks for the link. Yours is one of the beer blogs I was raeding regularly when i decided to give it a go myself.