26 August 2008

Schwelmer Weizen (GER)

This is most likely my last hefeweizen for about eight months. The brewer says, in somewhat stilted English, "Schwelmer Hefe-Weizen features a fresh taste, for not only the hot days of the year." For me, however, there are plenty of other styles that take precedence as the weather cools.

I bought this because I've always liked Schwelmer's pilsner. The weizen looks like it should, with an extra craggy white head. It smells of banana bubblegum. Taste-wise, I'd like to think I could pick it out of a hefeweizen lineup. It pushes forth a prominent clovey spiciness and finishes on the dry side. There isn't much, if any, lemony citrus here. If you want to drink something you've never tasted before, don't order a hefe. Still, Schwelmer isn't just like all others. No guarantee you'll like it, but I did.


Beer Blokes said...

G'Day Buttle,
Have tried and love the Pilsner, too, and I will see if I can find some of the Weizen now. I was chatting to my beer retail guy last week and discovered that most of the decent imports to Australia come from country of origin to either the UK or the US and then on to Australia! akes it difficult to try a beer at its freshest!
Prof Pilsner

Buttle said...

I'm guessing the middleman shipping adds to your cost as well. Schwelmer isn't too pricey here, more expesnive than Erdinger but cheaper than Weihenstephaner and Ayinger. Sort of surprising, given the nice ceramic top bottles.