19 August 2008

Lowering age and weight

The movement to lower the US drinking age has broken out in the last day or two, with news organizations reporting on the Amethyst Initiative. University presidents are not yet openly advocating for change, but calling for the issue to be discussed. Mothers Against Drunk Driving is, um, mad.

In the beer blogosphere, Fermentally Challenge is hosting a contest for those too old to handle college levels of binge drinking. They're now trying to lose weight while still drinking craft beer. If I were to play, I'd have to cut off an arm to win. Lucky metabolism, perhaps, although I'm pretty good about diet and exercise. Good luck to them. Just stay away from the three S's: soft drinks, Starbucks, and salty snacks. (Stone and Sam Adams are okay.)


Beer Blokes said...

I was listening to a US correspondent on radio here yesterday talking about the drinking age issue. (Australians can legally drink at 18 which coincides with the drivers license and this has been cause for debate for decades). Is it possible that decisions can be made state-by-state or can the Federal government override any local law? I am guessing that most people don't really wait till they turn 21 to start drinking!

Prof. Pilsner

Buttle said...

The US states set drinking age, but lose federal gov't funds if they set it below 21. Realistically, they can't change it.

Few people here wait to drink until 21, or even 18;). I used to have a pretty decent fake ID. BTW, driving age is 16 here, drinking 21. I think in France drinking is 16 and driving is 18. We like cars, they like wine.