13 August 2008

Rogue Dad's Little Helper (ORE)

Dad's Little Helper reminds me a bit of posh restaurants that charge you $12 for a fancy version of a BLT. This is a malt liquor, after all. Five or six bucks for a bomber of a glorified Mickey's big mouth?

It pours a not very clear yellow/gold with a nice white head. It doesn't look like much, but the mouthfeel is fabulous. Rich and creamy, not too much fizz (just as I like it). This is made with plenty of flaked corn and you can taste it. And, yes, it's sweet. But it's also really tasty. There aren't any musty or boozy flavors, although those might appear if you let it warm up.

Rogue doesn't list an ABV, but it says it's 17 degrees Plato, which is about 1.07 OG, which could be 6.5-8% ABV depending on the attenuation. Dad's Little Helper isn't exactly well-attenuated. Still, this doesn't come across as being very alcoholic, and thus is potentially dangerous. On a warm day, I could drink this all afternoon.

I'd be remiss if I didn't mention that this beer isn't well regarded. It currently scores a miserable sub-2.6 at ratebeer. Maybe they're fools, maybe I'm an idiot, maybe I just drank it at the right time and place. Maybe it's all an expectations game, but I really thought this was really good.

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