07 August 2008

Cooper's vs. the Monarchists

From The Guardian, it appears that Cooper's brewery in Australia -- these are the same guys who make the homebrew kits -- have created a ruckus over a billboard with the words "Forget the monarchy, support the publicans." Far be it from me to wade into the waters of anitpodean politics, but "prominent monarchist" Philip Benwell seems to be a bit of a noodge:

"Why couldn't the advertisement have begun 'forget the republic'?" asked Benwell, chairman of the Australian Monarchist League.

"To put up in large letters 'forget the monarchy' is something that we had to protest about because it is a political statement, particularly at a time when the primeminister has said that its government will pursue a republic at some time in the near future."

Cooper's has removed the offending billboards.


Beer Blokes said...

The Monarchist movement in Australia has been at loggerheads with the republicans for decades and both sides tend to jump at the chance to ride their respective causes with very little prompting! Cooper's have for years come up with simple, well worded and catchy ads and I think the only person who complained was the peanut quoted above! I'll take a Republic over a Monarchy any day as long as I can still get good beer!
Prof. Pilsner

radical royalist said...

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Queen!!