18 March 2008

Samuel Adams White Ale (MA)

I believe I bought this way back in January. By now, I've pretty much given up waiting for the warm weather to put me in the mood for a spring seasonal. The labels claims it is brewed "especially" for spring, which to me implies it is available year-round, but is best for spring. I really think it should be "specially."

It pours a clear yellow-gold until the sediment is poured in to haze it up. The aroma is pronounced, reminding me of banana bubble gum (though I'm sure any banana bubble gum I've had wasn't natural banana). If it's citrus, it's more orange than lemon.

The brewer claims ten spices: coriander, anise, rose hips, grains of paradise, lemon zest, orange zest, vanilla, hibiscus, tamarind and plum. I'm skeptical enough to question whether anyone would notice if they left out the hibiscus, but I don't doubt that you could find online reviews saying "hints of hibiscus." I do taste the zests, coriander, and possibly vanilla and plum. Also, pepper at the end, which comes across harshly. To me, it's all a bit of a mess. It's fruity/citrusy and spicy, but doesn't all come together. Also, the body is a little too thin, even for a warm-weather beer (but maybe I haven't adjusted yet).

I don't like it much, but if you think most witbiers are too quiet , then maybe this will work for you.

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