24 March 2008

Belfast Bay Lobster Ale (ME)

Name notwithstanding, this beer in fact has no more lobster in it than does Green's Discovery, a brew which brags that it contains no crustacean. I think Belfast Bay makes only this and an oatmeal stout. Apparently, they contract brewing out to Shipyard, although I find no confirmation of this on the label. Ratebeer actually lists this under Shipyard, which suggests the breweries share ownership or something, but the site seems inconsistent in how they do things.

This is a red ale of the warm weather variety, with it's fairly light body and thorough fizz. Taste-wise, sweet malts are countered by faint citrus hops; caramel sweetness converts to dryness. Based on other reviews I've read, they use Ringwood yeast, but I didn't find this to be buttery or diacetyl-laden. Instead, it's noticeably tangy. I don't know if this is character or a flaw. I don't entirely like it, but without it, the beer would lack distinction. Overall, it's not a bad ale, but nothing to jump up and down about.


dale said...

I just picked up a bottle of Lobster Ale and the Oatmeal Stout from the same brewer. I've had a few red's lately... Sam Adams, Lagunitas, Terrapin, Leinenkugel and found them to be pretty tasty. I hope I'll like this one, too.

Buttle said...

The Belfast Bay Oatmeal Stout seems to receive higher praise then the Loster Ale (but I couldn't find it at my local shop).

I've got a bottle of McQueen's Nessie on hand, which is a red ale of supposedly high quality. I'll know soon.