26 October 2008

Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale (JP)

Two years ago, Hitachio Nest Red Rice Ale was featured (along with Rogue Morimoto Soba Ale) in a New York Times article. It seems to be a pretty fashionable beer, at least in New York. As explained, the rice isn't just used as cheap filler: in addition to using ale yeast, the brewery uses sake yeast to ferment the rice.

The result is a slightly foggy beer colored on the orange side of amber. The aroma reminds me of the sourness you get occasionally from packaged sliced salami (your perceptions may vary). Taste wise, it's somewhere in among beer, sake and wine spritzer, but mostly beer. Fruity and slightly tangy with a grainy undertone. All told, it's crisp without being too light. Red Rice Ale packs pretty big alcohol at 7% and sports a hefty price tag ($4+ per 330 ml bottle). Definitely a good beer for bloggers and raters who think they've tasted it all.


Wörtwurst said...

Oh man do I miss that widdo cute owl of Hitachino! I must find somebody selling this stuff wholesale and drink a few and walk around with the caps clinking about in my pocket. Sorry for the rambling comment which has almost nothing to do with beer. No, I'm not drunk.

Ronnie said...

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