02 August 2007

Blue Moon Honey Moon Summer Ale

A sweltering day requires another summer brew, so I grab my last Blue Moon. I had tried and liked the original Blue Moon Belgian-style White, so I bought a six-pack of the Summer Ale for something like $6.50. Is this a US or Canadian beer? My bottle says its brewed in Toronto, but everyone seems to credit it to the Coors half of the Molson Coors conglomerate. Not that it matters much.

I don't like Honey Moon as much as the Belgian White. It does have a pleasant honey smell and taste, but is still pretty light tasting. It's also over-carbonated. Nonetheless, on a hot day it hit the spot. The distribution power of Molson Coors means you'll find Blue Moon in places that you won't find microbrews. And it is fairly cheap.

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