27 February 2009

Wye Valley Dorothy Goodbody's Our Glass (ENG)

Dorothy Goodbody has to be one of most attractive women to grace a beer bottle label. She's no more real than Betty Crocker, but if she were she'd be a lot more fun. Gotta love the punny name: not just "good body" but "(h)our glass." I believe in Britain, however, this is just known as Country Ale. It's either an ESB or an English Strong Ale at 6%. As an import, it cost me over $5 for 500 ml.

Nice clear ruby color--it had a little yeast in the bottom, but I left it there--with a terrific head that imprinted the side of the glass as I emptied it. A little more malt than hops. Rich caramel mostly, but some raisin as well. As it warms, fruity esters appear. As it warms even more, sherry is evident (not so fresh a bottle?). The hops hit the back of the throat in the finish and provide balance. Until the very end when it had warmed a bit too much, I thought this was wonderful. It's not something that grabs you by the throat, though. Well done, Dorothy!


Wörtwurst said...

Sounds very Englishy. I've seen this one around and it's very intriguing to look at but your review kind of makes me think to wait for Anita Bigdick to put our her throaty stout instead.

Buttle said...

I think Dorothy also has her own stout called Wholesome Stout. "Anita Bigdick's Wholesome Stout" just doesn't sound right.

Anonymous said...

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