18 November 2008

Dogfish Head in the New Yorker

The New Yorker has a fairly detailed piece on Sam Calagione and Dogfish Head brewery. It's long and may be better to read in the magazine than online. It's also very good. One eyebrow-raising quote:

I asked the brewmaster, Jean-Marie Rock, which American beer he likes best. He thought for a moment, squinting down his bladelike nose, and narrowed his lips to a point. Then he raised a finger in the air. “Budweiser!” he said. “Tell them that the brewer at Orval likes Budweiser!”


A-Rand said...

Nice find! That's a strange quote - and does Bud still count since they are now foreign-owned? ;0

Buttle said...

Alas, Bud will always represent "American" beer to many.

I suspect a lot of Old World brewers don't appreciate US experimentation with their styles.