23 July 2008

Budweiser has a recipe?

He's no Stephen Colbert, but here's Lewis Black on the A-B sale. It starts about 2 1/2 minutes in out of 4 1/2.


Chipper Dave said...

I like Lewis Black when he gets really angry. He seemed a bit subdued from his known ability to really get p*ssed. Still. Did we get this upset when the South African Breweries merged with Miller? (SABMiller) Nah. Get over it America. As long as our dollar is dirt cheap, foreign companies will be buying up American companies right and left. Heck, we did the same thing when the dollar was strong.

Let's just hope they don't sell our government to the higher offshore bidder.

Buttle said...

A-B decided to market Budweiser as *the* American beer, and people bought into it.

LOL, just watching Colbert now do more beer jokes:

SC: European beer is so much stronger than Bud Lime

The Word: So is Sunny D