22 July 2007

Rock Art Brown Bear (VT)

beer rock art brown bear ale I wasn't familiar with this. I paid $4.75 for 22 ounces at my expensive local retailer. I needed beer to put in my chili, and figured I'd buy a bomber of something, pour in a cup, and drink the rest. The Vermont based brewery calls it:

A malty, lightly hopped English style ale inspired by the browns from across the "great pond" Brewed with pale, crystal, carapils, mild, chocolate malts; and East Kent Golding hops to balance this delicious beverage.

Allaboutbeer.com notes that East Kent Goldings are "widely considered to be the cream of the crop. They are complex and earthy without being overbearing." But there isn't much hoppiness to the Brown Bear. It looks like flat cola in the glass, with a small head that dissipates quickly. The body is a bit thin and moderately carbonated. The taste has, I don't know, a bit of molasses, maybe. Back of the roof of my mouth mostly. This is only around 4.5% ABV, and it goes down easy. I have never been conscious of being a brown ale fan (Newkie Brown I could take or leave), and this doesn't seem like a profound beer, but I'd buy this again.

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